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Garimot Arnis
 Filipino Martial Arts

Mighty Mites Karate Ages 3 - 6yrs

Adult Family Karate
 5th Grade+

Adult Family Jiu Jitsu
 5th Grade+

Juniors Karate
 7yr +

Youth Danzan Ryu

We use Ancient and Battle Tested Principles to GROW our Student's
Mind Body & Spirit 

We do this by teaching martial arts...

Come Try a Class and See...

Discover the Warrior Within You...

What is G.A.T.(Garimot Arnis Training)?

Exercise with a Purpose / Taught with Passion 

An Education in Martial Arts

It Starts with a FREE Assessment and  Intro Class
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  • We Are Resposible
  • Actions Have Consequences
  • We Lead By Example
  • There Is No Excuse For Bad Manners
  • Karate Is Only Used For Self Defense
  • Disciplone Means To Learn
  • Integrity Means To Be Honest
  • Respect Means To Treat Others The Way They Would Want To Be Treated
  • Perseverance Means To Never Give Up

Adult Family Dojo Creed
  • Know Your Place 
  • Cultivate Your Spirit 
  • Follow Principle 
  • Exemplify Etiquette
  • Honor Your Teachers
  • Train to Transcend
  • Share Your Knowledge
  • Keep an Open Mind
  • Practice Patience 
  • Do the Right Thing

Forge your martial arts through battle tested and age old principles and refine your arts through modern systematic tools, cutting age training and coaching along the way

A Schedule that works for you...

Flexible schedules that compliment you.. for individuals and families with busy lives 

Private Lessons Available

For fine tuning skills and further understanding of principles to be learned / Leave a Best Time and Date Request along with a contact number and we'll get right back to you!

Curriculum Tools to Assist You in Your Training

helping you better clarify and understand Your Martial Arts Practice 

We're a Family...

Leadership / Mentoring....
We're all growing and we are all here  to help each other 
We believe in what we do here makes a difference in others lives 
whether starting young or just young at heart, 
it's never too late to begin the journey.... and to....

Discover the Warrior Within You...

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