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Satori Youth Karate & Character Development Program

Developing our children's disciplines, habits, & character...
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Satori Martial Arts Center is dedicated to the development of our children. Our youth program lays the groundwork and instills the values necessary for your child to succeed as a teenager and as an adult. Promoting the time honored principles of respect, discipline, perseverance, self control, and integrity, our martial arts program is the template in which your child will develop themselves into a successful adult, armed with the tools to handle life’s challenges.
Our children’s program is divided by age (Mighty Mites ages 4-7 / Juniors ages 7-13) and experience level, giving each child the individual attention they need and allows for unlimited attendance. Each Instructor knows that the information in the curriculum needs to be delivered in a way that makes the learning both challenging and fun. With this winning combination, our program is designed to empower each student on every level.

All Satori Instructors go through an extensive ongoing program of study to become a Certified Satori Instructor which includes specialized Instructor Training Classes that include certification in CPR, massage therapy, dynamic speaking skills and class presentation, and must have a minimum of ten years experience in the Martial Arts. This extensive, ongoing training program ensures that the information and education that your child receives is in alignment and current with the cumulative years of progression and study of the martial arts, medicine, science, and psychology.

Our children’s student creed, which each child is responsible for learning and reciting, exhibits the focus that Satori has on individual responsibility and begins to instill the values for becoming a responsible adult and a great leader:

We are Responsible

Actions have Consequences

We Lead by Example

There is no excuse for bad Manners

Karate is used only for Self Defense

Discipline means to Learn

Integrity means to be Honest

Respect means to treat other the way they want to be treated

Perseverance means to Never Give Up

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