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Satori defined are the "Aha's" one has in their training that help them understand deeper the relationships within a principle based art or education

​Mission Statement

To offer a cultural center that promotes an environment of quality martial arts training as well as a diversity of health and wellness experiences.
To constantly search out new and different ways of re-enforcing the principles and content of the Arts.
To see each Student in their own context and light and to better understand what will help them grow.
To conduct ourselves and promote a positive growth environment refraining from comments and actions not geared to the growth of our Members.
In offering growth in the Arts to the Students, we will keep applying ourselves to our own growth knowing that through this we will have more to offer.
To give through persistence and dedication as much as possible to the Arts, the School, and the Community in which we are located.
​Satori Martial Arts Center offers martial arts training for children, teens and adults with over thirty classes per week.

Our schedule is designed to work with your busy schedule and afford you the most opportunities to train. By offering unlimited attendance to our expanding menu of martial & fitness classes, you can benefit from a diverse workout by mixing and matching classes as well as enjoying the flexibility it will allow you in your scheduling.

We are always working on expanding these options as we grow and your input on class times that work best are always welcomed.

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Satori Martial Arts and Wellness of Maumee is owned and operated by Renshi John Penn who has over 30 years actively training, teaching, and developing a core learning system that is designed to not only educate, inspire, and engage students at all levels but to also set the groundwork for the next level of leaders going forward in whatever they so aspire to be.   

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